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"Vlaho Komparak is one of those characters who can't be stopped. That's how he in the long past of 2008. he founded OPG Komparak half way between Korčula and Lumbarda, in a small, beautifully designed boutique/tasting room (with a real live small bee community) where he placed all the products he created himself. Since he is by foremost a beekeeper, the first in line are products of these hardworking insects, honey and lip balms, and then olive oil (they have their own 500 trees), fig jam, mediterranean herbs, beeswax candles and since recently, two types of gin." 

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"Much more effort is needed around bees than individual domestic animals, but they bring profit. However, love is the most important ingredient. You need to love this job."

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"20 million bees which live in 240 hives produce 4 tones of honey anually. The honey was awarded with numerous awards such as the Golden diploma on the last years beekeeping competition."

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